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As our Training Officer's Toolbox videos are created as Microsoft .WMV files, they are optimized to play through the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. If you would like to use the Firefox browser instead, you must download a plug-in from Microsoft which will allow you to view .WMV files through Firefox.

Note: When viewed in Firefox, the video size will appear somewhat small. This can be easily re-sized:
1. Just right-click anywhere on the screen to bring up a contextual menu.
2. Then left-click on the Zoom option which appears. This will allow you to re-size the video, all the way up to full-screen.
Try out the various size options until you find one you prefer.

Instructions for Mac Users.
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The Training Officer's Toolbox is a resource for training officers and/or students to use to build training lessons or enrich the learning of the student firefighter. On this full Toolbox web site, there are hundreds of video mini-course training segments to choose from, grouped by training topic and subject.

Review the list of available training mini-course segments in the categories below. You'll have the opportunity to preview them for 90 seconds to see if they will meet your training needs. Then you'll have the choice to either stream or download the mini-course or any of its segments.

Streaming means you pay for one view of the mini-course from our video server-- a much lower price than downloading. Downloading means you pull the mini-course down to your own hard drive. Downloading takes longer and costs a little more, but you own the mini-course for unlimited viewing or use.

All segments come with training guides and they are grouped in three categories:

Actual training mini-courses on some specific task or lesson.

Actual incidents with responder analysis and lesson learned. Excellent case studies for individual students or class review.

Fire Medics:
Actual training mini-courses and ambulance ride-alongs for paramedics and EMTs. These segments will qualify for CEUs if your department medical director approves.

For a more complete explanation of each of the above categories and the virtues of downloading versus streaming, go here.

Click on one of the tabs below to view our training segments by category.

  Hands-On   Fireline   Fire Medics    
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